We develop the
drug candidate BAFA

BAFA – Restoring calcium uptake and preventing osteoporosis

Epicyt Pharma

Epicyt Pharma is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that develops the drug candidate BAFA intended for patients at risk of accelerated osteoporosis due to reduced calcium uptake after various forms of bariatric bypass surgery, particularly Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB).

The scientific founders of Epicyt Pharma have demonstrated that BAFA, with the active substances glycocholate (a bile acid) and butyrate (a fatty acid), in combination with vitamin D and calcium, can synergistically increase calcium absorption in the intestine and hence potentially prevent osteoporosis.

Epicyt Pharma
Preparations for a clinical study is ongoing

Clinical study starts in 2024

The active agents in BAFA are normally present in our bodies, hence, the potential risk of adverse reactions is considered low.

Patent applications are filed for broad protection of the formulation and of the medical use of BAFA.

Development of the BAFA study drug and placebo formulations is ongoing with the company’s CMC partner [Recipharm]. Release of the clinical trial material is planned to Q2 2024.

After a successful scientific advice meeting with the Swedish Medical Products Agency, planning is ongoing for the first clinical study (EPGB001) which will have a tentative start date in Q2 2024.

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